Monday 4 September 2017

Possibly abandoned Lutheran Church

Saw this in Admiral, Saskatchewan August 10, 2017. Admiral is very close to ghost town status. A few people live here. This is one of three churches. One is a residence, the other a Catholic Church that is still in use. This one looks like it be being abandoned.

Admiral is kind of an interesting name for a prairie town and nowhere near any ocean. Town is barely south of Highway 13 west of Cadillac, Saskatchewan. Due to the rolling landscape you cannot see the town from the highway. If it was relatively flat prairie you could see this from miles away.

The inside is neat and tidy. The pews have been removed. 

The wall hangings look recent.

The altar has a beautiful simplicity. If this was in a more populated area it would see use for years to come. It looks like they are slowly dismantling it. I hope it is allowed to gracefully fade away in its final years.


  1. Nice post. I traveled this area last fall for a week or much to see.

  2. Passed through Admiral a few weeks back. Love how the three churches are all close together.