Saturday 16 September 2017

My guide to organizing a meet up

I am going on a motorcycle ride tomorrow with at least one other biker. There may be a few more. People I know have told me in the past that they were looking for people to ride with as they cannot seem to find anyone. I do not mind having others along. I have never wanted to belong to large organized groups like motorcycle clubs. I find everything is too planned for my tastes. 

The people that I invited I told them well in advance where to meet and what time. If you show up, fine. If not, fine. If you do not like the route and want to go somewhere else I am fine with that and I am not offended. If you want to lead I am fine with that as well. I have an outline of a destination and a vague completion time. That is about as organized as it gets. So far it works. 

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