Saturday 23 September 2017

Edmonton, Alberta September 14, 2017

View from the Capilano Bridge on Wayne Gretzky Drive. As an aside I would like to see roads named after actual heroes rather than sports heroics. As a further aside I always thought that some small town somewhere could gain some recognition by holding some kind of contest where the winner would get a street named after them.

I lived close to Edmonton for about twenty years. It was fine then. I do not like going there now. Edmonton is a pain trying to get a lot of places on a north/south basis. It is getting better. What I dread about going there is the unreal amount of road construction. If they ever finish it should end up looking like a nice place.


  1. It's true -- there's been such an influx of people to Edmonton over the past 20 years that streets have MUCH more traffic than they used to.

    1. Yup. But now, with the economy diving - there's a lot of people leaving too.
      I don't understand it: during the boom Edmonton was relatively easy to get around and Calgary was friggin nuts. Now that we are in recession Edmonton is a pain to navigate - has Calgary improved BW?

    2. Budgets and planning are set years into the future. Calgary is not bad as long as you have a clue where you are going. Construction is not as bad. Just avoid the Deerfoot at rush hour.