Tuesday 5 September 2017

Not exactly what I had in mind . . .

Humour may not be my strong suit. The post about the dip in page views was meant to be amusing. Upon reading it a few more times after posting it comes off as something else entirely. Not all of the posts are winners. 

I am an up and optimistic person. The dip in views really does not bother me nor am I concerned. As I have said before, I am happy if anyone reads my posts. This has been one of my best summers in years. Where I am the summer weather has been great and I have been doing my best to enjoy it. I suspect everyone else has been doing the same. That means that people have lives and things to do other than read blogs. 

I am surprised by the recent comments. I am not seeking attention however I appreciate the comments.



  1. LOL,
    I've learned that my dry sense of humor does not always come across as I meant it to. Now I put in a lol or some thing like it to show that it was meant to be humor.
    It's a darn good thing I don't have to make a living writing blog posts.

    1. I have a very dry sense of humour myself. What works in person may not work in print.

  2. There really should be a sarcasm font...LOL... I'd use it a lot!