Tuesday 23 February 2016

What once was St. Mark Lutheran Church

I was out on February 15, 2016 with a friend of mine looking whatever might be interesting. We found this totally by chance. This is on Range Road 173 and just south of Township Road 324 northwest of Craigmyle, Alberta. The marker shows where a church once stood from 1911 - 1960. There is a cemetery in the back. I walked from the road all the way to the cemetery. The most recent grave marker was dated 1947 that I could see. The snow was past my knees at that point so I will wait for summer for a return visit. I also did not walk into the cemetery as I did not want to walk on any markers that might have been hidden by the snow.

In parts of Alberta you may see markers showing where schools or churches once stood. School markers are common, church markers less so. Some historical societies are more active than others.

What I found really interesting is that there were at least four markers of this same design. I could not make out the lettering from the gate. It warrants a return trip.


  1. Interesting - it's definitely worth a trip back!

  2. I am with Chickenmom...and you give us just enough to ensure a return visit..to find out more...thank you!

    1. It was not meant to be a post to leave anyone hanging. I found this place totally by accident. I believe it is important to have respect for places like this which is why I wanted to wait for a more opportune time.