Monday 29 February 2016

Blog note or two. Maybe more.

I think I caught a flu on the weekend. Really not feeling well. What makes it worse is if I am sick I have to be in Edmonton for a personal matter this coming Friday. I hope I am well enough to make it as this is an important appointment. Thankfully I have some posts in reserve.

Winnipegman - thanks for the comment.

I received an interesting email from someone regarding St. Pauls Anglican Church Hillsdown Parish that I posted on earlier. This person gave me some information which I really appreciated. Hopefully I hear more from them.


  1. BW, I hope you feel better much sooner than Friday, we shall keep you in our thoughts and prayers, to feel better and for your appointment on Friday. Drink plenty of fluids!

  2. Ditto what Lisa said - and have a hot toddy tonight.