Friday 26 February 2016

A few minutes in Yahk, British Columbia

On Highway 3 east of Creston, British Columbia February 13, 2016. Yahk has seen better days. There are a few people, less than one hundred fifty, that live here. 

Abandoned hotel.

Abandoned. Nothing to say what it was.

The Yahk Soap Company. The caboose looks abandoned.

Not sure what is happening here. The caboose looks like it needs restoration.


  1. Looked on G/E. It really is a beautiful spot in the mountains. Sad that people are leaving.

  2. Is there anyone living there BW? Or is EVERYONE gone?

    I am strongly tempted to quit my job, move into that hotel with a gun and a crock of whisky and take up residence. Maybe the soap shop could be converted to a useful (but illegal)distillery?

    1. The town has about one hundred residents. The Yahk Soap Company is a going concern. The building beside the hotel I think is another hotel. I believe both are unoccupied. There are residences there, I just showed some of the more interesting (to me) stuff.