Friday 19 February 2016

A thank you to Lisa Lane

She gave me a mention on her site: 

On rare occasions I list some music. This site is mainly posting whatever I run across while getting out and seeing what is out there. It is not confined to that, sometimes I do something a little different for a post.

The quick list.

The Wreckers - "Leave the Pieces"

The Court Yard Hounds - "It Didn't Make a Sound"

Dala - "Compass"

The Pistol Annies - "Hell On Heels"

One More Girl - "I Can Love Anyone"

Abalone Dots - "Craighead County Sky"

Just some other stuff I like.

J. Tillman "My Proud Mountains"

Gregory Alan Isakov - "Virginia May"

Justin Townes Earl - "Who Am I To Say"

Robert Earl Keen - "The Rose Hotel"

Eric Bibb - "Shingle By Shingle"

The Felice Brothers - "Roll On Arte"

Townes Van Zandt - "If I Needed You"

Drive-By Truckers - "A Ghost to Most"


  1. I am not surprised. The lady is reputed to have extraordinary taste!

  2. Aww Glen, I thank is simply my addiction if you will. Now let's address this list..cause I really need to hit the hay...and if I let it....I would sit here listening till my head rested on my desk while I slept and the music played on...; P

    I will post on this list tomorrow, but I will tell you now, I dig...Leave The Pieces, It Didn't Make A Sound-I like the entire album of The Courtyard Hounds, and I don't think it got the attention it should have. Radio dictates hits...not good music...but that's opinion...and we all know..back to the list...The Rose Hotel, was that my man Raul Malo over there next to Jamie Johnson, hot damn that's the man! ; ) Thanks, If I Needed You, and Ghost To Most. A couple of the others ring bells, but no instant the post will surprise us both.

    Thanks so much for the mention BWBandy, I so enjoy you coming over and playing in my sandbox, it's my pleasure to have you! You have expanded my musical experience, and that is a very special gift.