Monday 29 February 2016

Church of St. Stephen, Cardston County

I managed to find this spot on February 14, 2016. This is south of Cardston, Alberta. Take Highway 2 south until you get to Police Outpost Road, go west until you get to the junction of Township Road 20 and Range Road 262.

The church was named St. Stephen's of Hungary to honour the settlers who came to this area from Austria and Hungary. It was originally in a different spot, it was rebuilt here to protect it from the windstorms that frequent this part of Alberta. It is a Catholic church.

Just off to the right of this photo is the cemetery.

This is a very small church.

The church is not locked and still has a service once a year.

This is an amazing spot. The wind was cold and very strong. By the time I got back to the car my hands were aching from the cold. To the west you can see the Rocky Mountains off in the distance. 

Looking west on Township Road 20 near the church.


  1. Fascinating place, BW! Once we lived right next to an old cemetery. The really old markers had the name, birth date, the age they lived to, how many months, days and hours they were alive. Sometimes poems were etched on them, too. I would spend hours there. A few soldiers from Washington's army were buried there.

  2. This is very interesting! Beautiful pictures, and it reminded me of living next to an old cemetery when I was in 5-8th grades, in Yokohama Japan. There were about 30 steps one had to walk up to get to our yard...we lived on a bluff..and on the left of the stairway, was the cemetery. At night, after dinner, I would have to clean the kitchen and take the garbage out the back door...very close to the dad would sneak out the front door to the side of the house and make these moaning noises..something little sister still to this day, and she is 47 is afraid of that WooWoo! Thanks for the happy memory! The other side of that, is that I thought I could sing in German..and when I went out the back door with the garbage I belted out my songs...and invariably one of the ladies of that strip of housing, would be doing the same, and would smile and tell me very nice Miss no...I have never spoken a word of German...well...not polite you are at least smiling..feel better. : )