Wednesday 17 February 2016

Unknown Orthodox churches February 6, 2016

This is north onto Range Road 101 off Highway 16 just past Wildwood, Alberta. I knew about this church sitting in someone's yard from a few Google searches.

I had thought this church was abandoned. Driving by it looked like it was in the process of being restored or being preserved. The base was wrapped in preparation for further work. There was no name for the church that could be found. Access was behind a gate.

I drove further up the road just to find a spot to turn around. Not even a hundred feet further and on the same side of the road was another church hidden in the trees behind a barbed wired fence. This one was truly abandoned.

The fence had not been maintained in years and the wire was not attached to the posts in places. I walked a bit into the field to get a closer look. This is from the top of the furthest dome. If you look at the following pictures you can make out that one has a piece missing from it. I wanted to get a photo of the front of this church. The snow was past my knees so I did not walk any further out.   

There was no name that I could readily find on this one either. Two churches very close to each other and no cemetery, or cemeteries, that I could see that could give any further clues. Usually with these types of churches there is a cemetery right beside the church. This is one of those discoveries that needs a return trip.


  1. Morning! This looks like an exciting find! For certain a trip back when it is thawed and perhaps dry...there may yet be a cemetary under all that snow. It looks like a beautiful place! What a wonderful day trip to so curious as to the insides of those churches...I will follow along to see what you discover! Great photos...thank you for sharing them!

    1. My most recent trip yielded some interesting stuff. I look for stuff that piques my interest and I try to keep it all original. I have a number of re-visits on my list.

  2. I need to check this one out. Is this Holy Dormition of the Theotokos Russian Orthodox Skete and Cemetery?