Friday 12 February 2016

Now for something a little different

The weather is foggy and fine ice crystals are falling. Time for a playlist.

Mary O. Harrison - "Better Day"

Madeline - "White Flag"

Claire and the Reasons - "Ooh You Hurt Me So"

Heather and the Barbarians - "Red Letters"

Diane Birch - "Don't Wait Up"

Catherine Maclellan - "Take a Break"

Brandi Carlisle - "Looking Out"

Jessie Baylin - "Was I On Your Mind"


  1. Any song with Daryl Hall is good!

  2. I listened to them all of them except foe Heather and the Barbarians Red Letters...and I could not find it anywhere..I found them....but not the song. Do you have a link? I like your selections!

    1. Uh, no. I wish I did. Before my laptop died I used to download music from a few review sites which is where I got this song. My laptop has been dead for months and I am not sure which particular site I got this from.

  3. Please forgive the errors, it is hard for me to see in this small box...; )

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