Monday 8 February 2016

Vulcan County, Alberta January 31, 2016

This one is a little different. I know there was a one room school very close to this called Alston School. There is a school marker right beside a community hall. I am not sure if the community hall is the former schoolhouse. 

Barely just west done the gravel road is the Alston Cemetery. There are only two marked graves in this entire cemetery. The most recent one is dated 1965. There are three markers.

The marker with the lamb reads:

"Alston Cemetery 1911. Dedicated to the memory of our pioneers and the unknown men, women & children resting in this cemetery."

This is the view of the entire cemetery.

Zang. Julius 1969 - 1939, Elizabeth 1877 - 1965.

In memory of Annie Butt, beloved wife of Jacob Voissey, died April 18, 1912.

That was it for headstones. I did not see any outlines of gravesites. Unknown how many unmarked graves there might be. This is in a rural area. There is a new home across from the cemetery with a three car garage. When I see sights like this I think no matter how hard we try to be remembered time manages to erase most of us.

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