Thursday 11 February 2016


If you take the backroads you eventually see some abandoned places. Some areas have far more of these than others which likely means something. A few shots of abandoned places noticed during January, 2016. 


  1. Oh, the stories those walls could tell - love the bay window!

    1. There are some abandoned farms in some very rural areas. There are times I think people held on as long as they could before leaving for whatever reason.

  2. I love to see places like these, I sometimes watch the videos on Youtube of exploring abandoned places. I find it really interesting how sometimes it appears people just get up one day and leave everything, just walk away. Other places, the architecture, trim work, moldings and things that have managed to survive the elements are astoundingly mind is curious as to the back story, the love, the loss, the history. The beauty of it all.

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