Sunday 14 February 2016

St. Paul's Anglican Church Hillsdown Parish

Consecrated 1899 and found on Highway 816 south of Highway 595 east of Red Deer, Alberta. I saw this February 7, 2016 and I doubt the photos will do it justice. This is a fantastic little church. 

There is a cross at the top of the church at the back.

The doors are locked. I got a quick peek in a window, I could not get a photo of the inside which is unfortunate as the inside is beautiful. I really enjoy finding these.


  1. Wonder why there aren't more windows!

  2. Are you going to try to go back on the third Sunday of a month to see if it will be open? You may be able to get a few pictures and a little church...not a bad combo...

    1. I just may do that. It is about two hours from where I live. I tend to be a little obsessive when I have an interest in something.

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