Thursday 25 February 2016

The sign did not lie

I lived in Cranbrook, British Columbia for about a year. I always liked to take the old section of  highway that ran from just before Wardner to Fort Steele. Fort Steele is named for one of the greatest Canadians of all time. 

I was on a mindless road trip and I had the opportunity to take this road on February 13, 2016. The highway is a little rough and could use a paving job. It has also lost a bit of what made it fun. The older style bridges have been replaced with modern safer ones and one hairpin curve no longer exists. 

Years ago signs used to spell out "Watch for Bighorn Sheep on Highway". Now everything is in pictures. Maybe no one knows how to read anymore.

Purely by chance I take a photo of the sign just for fun. I drive a few hundred feet up the road and run right into what the sign was warning me about. If you ever see these in the middle of road be prepared to wait. They will move when they feel like it. Honking my horn had no effect.

Close to Fort Steele is the Wild Horse River site of a gold rush in 1864. There was a town called Fisherville that lasted for a couple of years. There is nothing left although I would like to get to it sometime. A thirty-six ounce gold nugget was found there in the 1860's. The Nip & Tuck Gold Mine currently operates in the area.


  1. I like your signs better. We only have them with pictures of leaping deer, cows crossing the road and bear. Would love to see some bighorn ones. Or moose!

  2. I love your photos, I miss day tripping...have not done it in a while..I think I need to speak to Ken about this...yes, you will get the

    I am reminded though of a video of a woman complaining about the state making signs for the deer telling them to cross at certain areas...I am going on the search for it, and then I shall post it...just for your viewing : ) I need more java.

  3. You need to travel to Ram Falls to make your collective of waterfalls more complete. It's so easy to reach with virtually no hiking. A stroll perhaps but not a hike. I enjoyed the blog about Ya Ha Tinda as I've never been there.