Monday 22 February 2016

Some misfortune was bound to happen

I was out Saturday February 20, 2016 out in the countryside with a friend. My friend really is into taking photos of abandoned sites so it was a day trip to show him a number of sites that would be new to him. We just happened to get stuck while doing it in his Ford pickup and four wheel drive did not save us.

We were not far from Byemoor, Alberta. A couple of days ago a storm dumped some snow on the area. There was also rain. My friend, and driver since it is his truck, spied an abandoned house with a windmill off the secondary highway on a range road. He drove up the range road which was covered with a couple of inches of snow. Unfortunately where he decided to stop and take his photos it was in a snow drift of about eighteen inches of snow. The combination of snow and ice made sure we were not going anywhere.

Yours truly walked a mile back to a farmhouse that we spotted off in the distance. As luck would have it the farmer was home and did not mind pulling us out. I rode the tractor back with the farmer. 

It was guaranteed that once we hooked up the Case 8930 tractor with the chain we were going to have no problems being pulled out. I always had the thought in the back of my mind that if I was ever going to be stranded it would be because my 2003 Impala would die somewhere and leave me in the middle of nowhere. I never thought about getting stuck because I am overly cautious when it comes to iffy road conditions.

The aftermath. The snow was up to the axles. We tried to pay our benefactor for his time but he would not take any payment. If by chance you are reading this Neil McKay we just want to know we really did appreciate the help.

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  1. much fun...but I bet you were a wee bit cold!