Tuesday 19 July 2016

Wartime, Saskatchewan July 16, 2016

These are kind of rare. This bit of architecture used to be a common sight. This is a water tank for a train from back when they needed to make regular stops to be filled. There are four in Alberta that I know of and only two are in their original location. This one is in Wartime, Saskatchewan and is on its original foundation and is still in use. A pickup truck with a water tank drove up to it just as I was leaving and started filling up. 

There is nothing in Wartime these days. I had never been here before. There is at least one house that is occupied. Interesting name for a place.

There must have been two of these. You can see the foundation of another one just off to the side on the left.

Foundation and supports.

The spout on the side used to fill trains is missing.

I find it interesting that these were eight sided and were red. The colour probably made them easy to see and the shape likely easy to build.

Having some fun with some perspective. 


  1. I have never seen one of those before....interesting.

  2. You just made my day! Great photos! :o)

  3. It's now on my to-do list. Like I don't already have enough to do! Haha. Great post as always.