Monday 25 July 2016

Sometimes you need a third party to point out dumb stuff you are doing

Last Saturday I met up with a friend of mine in Calmar, Alberta and we spent the better part of a day on a run up to Beauvallon, Alberta on motorcycles then back to spend the night at his place. In case anyone is wondering there really is nothing at Beauvallan, sometimes you just need a destination. 

Later on he pointed something out to me. I have a tendency to get too close to highway trucks in front of me when I am on a motorcycle when I should be giving them more space. I had not noticed it before and I gave it some thought and he is right. He reads this space so he will know I took his observation to heart and I am paying a little more attention to how I ride on the road. There are times you may not know you are doing something dumb until someone points it out to you.


  1. If you can't see the vehicle's mirrors, the driver can't see you and you're too close. Always good to have a buddy ride along with 'ya! You have a good friend there, B.W.

  2. Truck wheels can flick up quite big stones, so you do not want to be in range.
    If you intend to overtake hanging back will let you see down both sides of the truck to the road ahead.
    Trucks can stop in quite a short distance so hanging back gives you a safety margin.
    Happy biking.