Friday 22 July 2016

A few images of Sandon, BC July 1, 2016

A little irritated as some of the photos I had did not turn out. Sandon is a ghost town. Sandon was a mining town and in it its prime this area was covered with buildings. There were numerous building such as hotels, a bowling alley, a hockey rink, banks, even a red light district. The buildings have largely disappeared over the years. There are a few residents and a lot of artifacts from days gone by.

Fire hydrant.

There is a museum in this building that I have to come back to visit. I have been told it is the best museum in the area.

City hall with a date of 1900 at the top.


  1. Like all of the photos. I bet that old fire hydrant had lots of scroll work detail. Don't see them anymore.

  2. What an interesting place. The buildings are so different. I like that.