Friday 8 July 2016

Marblehead Station July 2, 2016

Marblehead is a little north past of the north end of Kootenay Lake in BC on Highway 31. If I ever have the time and resources I will have to come back to this area with something other than a motorcycle. 

Further north of here is Trout Lake. Back in the olds days of mining ore from Trout Lake, the town, was shipped down the Trout Lake itself to Gerrard at the other end. Then it was loaded onto a railway and taken to Kootenay Lake where the rail cars themselves were shipped down Kootenay Lake and off loaded onto a railway at Proctor. Highway 31 was built over the old rail line going to Gerrard. Marblehead is south of Gerrard. What makes Marblehead unique is there used to be a quarry that was used into the 1930's. Marble from here was used to build the Mormon temple in Cardston, Alberta. Of course I only found out about the quarry after I drove through here and was reading up on Marblehead that night.

So there is some interesting history I would like to explore. Marblehead Station was an old cookhouse and recreation hall. I found that out from the Nelson Star online. Not much here otherwise. I did not get much past this point as you run out of paved road a little further up the road.  

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