Tuesday 5 July 2016

Lemsford Ferry June 10, 2016

My second of three ferries in Saskatchewan on a June 10, 2016 road trip. I took the gravel road north from Lemsford to the ferry. There is nothing in Lemsford except for a few remains of what once was a town. The road is in great condition. There is a bit more civilization in Glidden but not enough for a gas station. If you are exploring rural Saskatchewan make sure you have plenty of gas.

So much dust in the air that visibility was a little hazy.

I could not get lost. Everything was marked.

The crossing is in a little bit of a valley. The ferrry is a small cable ferry.

This is where you get dropped off at the north side of the river. I had to drive through some water to rejoin the road. This might have been because the water levels were a little high. The ferryman was nice enough although he seemed like he did not have a lot of interaction with people. He appeared to be kind of nervous. It almost makes you wonder about rural Saskatchewan. 

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  1. I have never been on a Ferry...I think it should go on my bucket list....maybe your driver was waiting for his wings...; P