Monday 25 July 2016

Lancer Ferry June 10, 2016

The last of three ferry crossings on my June 10, 2016 quick road trip in Saskatchewan. I travelled south from Highway 44 to the ferry. Somehow I missed Highway 30 and took a gravel road just west of Highway 30 that marked a turnoff to the ferry. Not that I cared, the weather was perfect and I had no deadline to be anywhere.

It would help if they made the signs bigger.

The following are all from the south of the river looking north. There are two roads that converge at the ferry crossing on the north side. I was driving on the westernmost one getting close to the ferry when a car roared on the other road towards the ferry then stopped just before. The ferry had a stop sign in the middle and a cable blocking the access. I parked where you are supposed to park and waited for a signal to proceed.

The car ahead of me waited for a few seconds, then a guy got out and walked towards me. "You taking the ferry?" I replied that I hoped to. He left towards the ferry, moved the stop sign and cable and motioned me on. Then he got in  his car and drove on behind me. That solved the mystery of the guy in the other car. He must have been at his house and seen me approaching.

Once I was on the ferry he asked me where I was from and going. When I answered I think he thought I was lost. He then asked me if I was headed to the Sandhills. I told him I was just on an aimless trek. He disappeared into the little room on the side of the ferry, the door snapped shut behind him. He reappeared and gave me a map. He said that Saskatchewan Tourism likes to give out these things and told me the best way to get to the Sandhills. Now I do want to go there but I am saving that for another time.

Anyway that is his car on the ferry as he crosses back with his car gets transported back pointed in the wrong direction. The Saskatchewan Tourism Department might want to send some people out to places like this to help promote the province.

The South Saskatchewan River.

The road looked a little questionable but about a hundred feet from the ferry it was fine.

This was on a farm just barely south of the ferry crossing. It was kind of unique so I had to grab a photo. I am guessing it is for some kind of seed operation.


  1. Seems as if you had one heck of a fine ride!

  2. Isn't is fun just to drive and see what you find? Treasures are everywhere...I would like to take a ferry ride one day, or two....have never done that.