Tuesday 12 July 2016

Near Argenta, BC July 2, 2016

I never did make it all the way to Argenta. I was close, it was late, and I decided I did not want to get back to my hotel riding a motorcycle in the dark. The road to Argenta is gravel and I decided I had enough of riding a street bike on gravel road for the time being. 

I have never seen one of these signs in British Columbia. I have lived in places in British Columbia where there are turtles and have seen them before. 

Just barely past the first sign was this one. I did not see any turtles here. I was thinking this was not a government set up. If it was there would likely be fencing and multiple signs. This is one of those "in the middle of nowhere" places and it was a bit of a surprise to see this.


  1. Wow...Turtle crossing....that could be quite a wait...hope you brought entertainment!

    But imagine if it were the races...slow and steady...te he he!