Monday 18 July 2016

Redeemer Lutheran Church May 14, 2016

Formerly Jensen School. Found along Highway 501 and Range Road 72 in the southeast corner of Alberta. This is one of those finds that makes doing this worthwhile. I get a thrill out of finding things in unexpected places.

Open the door and there is a wood sign welcoming you to Redeemer Lutheran Church formerly Jensen School. On the board is a little printed history. I am kicking myself for not taking notes at the time. I thought I would easily be able to find the history on the internet. What history I did find on the internet says it operated as a school from 1914 to 1929, then from 1932 to 1957. It became a church in 1958.

A very simple beautiful little church.

Literally a few hundred feet up the road from the church is this building. It looks like a school and may have been one. It may have been a community hall or may still be one.

Off to the side is pasture. You can see where cattle stopped to scratch themselves.


  1. This one is special....amazing! The first photo and I knew it was going to be great...Way to go BW!

    1. It is a nice little spot. There was a history of the place on the wall and I forgot to take some notes. There might have to be a return visit.

  2. Double ditto what Lisa wrote! I love the handmade pews! The Little Church on the Prairie....

  3. I'd definitely go to church there.

  4. Sorry. Late to the party again, but...
    A pump organ. Can't see the make. Complete with the lamp holders on the end. They were designed so that the top(opened up to let the music out (!)) and the pedals sealed up the works to keep the mice out when you weren't playing it. In good condition you could crank up a fair bit of sound.