Friday 8 July 2016

Time for a train post

Found in Sandon, British Columbia on July 1, 2016. Sandon is a ghost town. I would have taken better photos but my motorcycle had fallen on me shortly before. The kickstand had slipped on the gravel and the bike every so slowly fell on me when I was getting off. Lifting six hundred pounds off yourself is not fun.

"Canadian Pacific Railway Winnipeg". Underneath is "V 4 a" and underneath that is "September 1928". No idea what any of this means.


  1. You outdid yourself this time, BW! Wonderful, wonderful photos! here is some info on her:

    1. Well to me, it resembled a cheap imitation of Friday Night Steam! I think BW should be ASHAMED of himself! I know I would be, if I went round plagiarizing other bloggers...


      But that is mighty fine photography under the circumstances BW... I can lift my Vulcan 1700 when it goes over but it takes a bit of adrenaline and some powerful road rage to do it. The older I get, the heavier the bikes seem to get.

      We should trade our scoots in on a couple of those Bombardier Spyders. All the old farts up here are riding them...

    2. All I can say is beware of loose gravel when stopping on gravel roads on an incline. It was a dumb thing to happen. Not all rides are flawless.

  2. 'Hope you had boots on - it does help save your ankles...

  3. I have waited to see all of the parts of your July 1-4 trip...because anticipation is not my friend...LOL, think of that old Heinz Catsup commercial from days gone by...

    Your motorbike fell on you??? I am going to take it that you had no serious injury because of it?? Thank goodness!
    I am glad you are well!

    I used to own a Bombardier...but it was a 4 wheeled ATV...I rode that thing around Land Between the Lakes in KY, and in Oak Ridge TN...on the trails there....Sooo much fun!! It was the Caddy of ATV's at the time... I therefor assume you must be speaking of a two wheeled vehicle...yes?

    So glad you are ok...some of us are living vicariously through your travels must keep those wheels turning my friend!

    Terry in Florida would like this post...I bet Chickenmom has linked him, maybe I will do the same just to make sure. Good stuff here dude! ; )

  4. Great post BW. Loved it. And Miss Lisa told me about the post, Chickenmom failed me this time :). I just hadn't checked your blog over the weekend.