Thursday, 7 July 2016

Trout Lake, BC July 1, 2016

In the 1890's Trout Lake, also known as Trout Lake City was a busy place with five hotels, businesses, banks, and a brewery. There were over one thousand gold and silver claims in the area. Now not much remains. There are some permanent residents and what looks like a few vacation properties. There were two thousand people here at one time.

East from the junction of Highway 23 and Highway 31 along Highway 31. The first half is paved. Along the paved part I zipped past a bear on the other side of the highway with a cub. There are lots of warnings posted regarding bears. This is just past the paved part. It is a little over thirty kilometres from the junction to Trout Lake.

This is right in Trout Lake. There are a few vacation properties here.

The Windsor Hotel built in 1892. It used to operate as a hotel not long ago. It looks to be privately owned. I thought it was open. I knocked and walked inside. I was told by a woman that it is not operating as a hotel. I asked and was allowed to take a photo inside the entrance.

It probably looked close to this back in the day. If it was still operating as a hotel I would definitely stay here.

The "No Board Cafe". A sign said it was open. I did not see any signs of life.

Trout Lake. Years ago ore from the mines was transported from here by boat to the other end of the lake.

Gerrard, Ferguson, and Beaton are ghost towns.

The general store which is open and operating. You cannot see it but under the canopy are gas pumps.

The gas pumps are over one humdred years old and are still used. I tried talking to the guy manning the place and I would have paid just to see them operate. Whoever he was he seemed indifferent and not interested in any social interaction.

I left the way I came in. On the way out I noticed this place in the woods just off the gravel road. The trees and brush are so thick you cannot see the building off to the left. I would have got a closer look except for signs that someone was occupying the place.


  1. This looks like a wonderful few days spent! So much to see. Those gas pumps are so cool!! The Windsor looks like a place worth staying at...atmosphere is everything! I would imagine you could go back and spend another few days and see things you missed this time around. Great post!

    1. I wish you could stay there. I have heard a rumour that a private group uses it for some kind of retreat.

  2. Ditto what Lisa said! But you know what was really neat? In the photos of the gas pumps, on the left hand side on the wall: is that a PAY PHONE???
    Haven't seen one in YEARS!-

    1. It is a pay phone. It is probably there since there is no cell service.

  3. Windsor Hotel is open as a bed and breakfast and you should make reservations.

  4. Thanks for this vacation idea. would love to visit the trout lake and do some paddling if its allowed?
    Cheers! Paddleboards in Alberta