Thursday 10 September 2015

The Gray homestead September 5, 2015

Located on Highway 886 between Consort and Cereal, Alberta. Of course it had to be pouring rain when I took this. 

What makes this unique is the little bit of family history attached to the side of the house.

This is another one of those "in the middle of nowhere" places. When I see places like this I think about the hard work and the gamble to get everything here, set up a home and farm, then not knowing if you would succeed. It had to be tough. This is why when I hear about things like "Seasonal Affective Disorder" and other nonsense I wonder how we ever arrived at this point in time. We used to be a much hardier people.

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  1. Interesting design on the house - dormers are not usually seen on prairie homes. Pioneers were a special breed of people - tough, hardy and optimistic.