Monday 7 September 2015

Netherby Cemetery

This is right behind the Netherby School. I looked for a church and could not find one. There is nothing saying what religion this is however I am guessing Anglican. Most of the names are English and what little information I could find online suggests there was an Anglican Church in the area. Whoever is looking after the grounds did not trim the grass on the graves, otherwise it is well kept.

I was here August 22, 2015 doing what I guess would be the school, church, and cemetery tour of this part of Alberta. I did not plan it that way, I just worked out that these are the sights I ended up running across. One of the things I noted in a few of the cemeteries I visited is that children's graves seemed to be in their own section. You understand why families were buried together, other things make you wonder why they were done a certain way. I had never been to a funeral until I was well into my twenties and my family was never particularly religious therefore some practices and traditions are unknown to me. 

The cemetery is still being used. I would guess the nearest church is in Hanna, Alberta which is south and west of here.


  1. That is strange. Have no clue whey they would be separated. A long time ago we had a house that was at the edge of an old, old cemetery. A lot of the markers had poems carved into them. They also showed how many years, months, weeks and days that the person lived.

  2. According to a book from my ancestors, in 1911, Mr. J.W. Taylor gave two acres of the corner of his farm (next to Netherby School) for a Cemetery. Was the Garden Plain districts own little cemetery that was kept up by the community.

    Not sure of the address of this cemetery though, any idea?

    1. A Google search of Netherby Cemetery would give you the location.