Monday 14 September 2015

Roland School, September 5, 2015

Sometimes you go out in the worst conditions and find something that makes it all worthwhile. 

The weather was forecast to be bad all over the southern half of Alberta for all three days of the Labour Day weekend. I decided I was not going to let that stop me, I was going to go out regardless. It did end up raining all weekend.

I am not going to say where this is for reasons that will become apparent. I kind of knew about this place. I had never been in this part of Alberta before and it was not quite where I expected it to be. As soon as I saw it I stopped by the side of the road and took photos in the pouring rain. I really should not have done this but I climbed over a barbed wire fence to get a closer look. I figured with the pouring rain in a remote place I stood a very good chance of not being discovered.

I did something I rarely decided to do. I checked to see if it was open. I was surprised to see that it was and found myself amazed to see the following:

I was very careful to only walk a few steps inside. I was soaking wet and I did not want to drip water on anything and possibly damage something by accident. This was far more than I could have ever expected to find. I made sure not to disturb anything and was extremely careful. Someone went to a lot of effort to make this happen. Everything looks original. What makes this odd is that this place is in the middle of nowhere. There is literally nothing for miles around. Whoever did this did a fantastic job and deserves to be commended. This is truly impressive.

I touched nothing. I used the zoom for this shot.

The light is not the best for this one. This is the furnace.

This is one of those rare discoveries that make exploring the countryside fun.


  1. OMG! You hit the jackpot on this one! Fabulous find and great photos. Hard to believe everything is still there from the tin ceiling to the record player in the corner. Fondly remember classrooms like this - including the desks with the holes for the ink wells. Bravo, BW, bravo!

  2. There are many places like this out there and you never hear about them. This is because, like you said, nobody has respect for the history and the property. I have seen a few places where the location was known and the building or the land around was destroyed.