Thursday 3 September 2015

Hand Hills United Church Part One

Original location of the church 1933 - 1970. The marker is one I have never seen before. It is like the school markers I frequently run across except it has a cross on top of it. 

Where the marker stands is likely the entrance to the church. This was sitting just behind some barbed wire. It had heavily rained the day before and I did not feel like possibly slipping in mud while trying to cross over the fence. This was a well maintained barbed wire fence.

You can see the outline of the foundation. 

This is at a rural intersection of gravel roads. At a corner on the other side of the road shows where a school once stood. The sign says "Hand Hills High 1937 - 1947" so the school was only used ten years at the most. There must have been a fair number of people to support a church and a high school. Now there is nothing.


  1. You find so many interesting places to visit. I'm getting to really like Alberta!

  2. The prairie reclaims what once belonged to it.