Wednesday 23 September 2015

Southernwestern Alberta

Quick Alberta motorcycle trip on September 12, 2015, part of which was south on Highway 810 to Glenwood, then to Hill Spring, then to Mountain View, then to Cardston. I took Highway 501 out of the Cardston area east.

This is the Mormon part of Alberta. Prohibition existed in Alberta from 1916 to 1923. It was never repealed in Cardston which is estimated to be about eighty percent Mormon. You will not find a liquor store in any of the aforementioned towns. Nor is alcohol served in any restaurant in these areas.

On Highway 810 before you get to Glenwood is what one was the Ardenville School. Just outside the Mormon area.

Farming at Hill Spring. There are some very big farms here. The Rocky Mountains provide the backdrop. The Mormon towns in this area are very tidy and well kept. You almost get the suspicion that there is some kind of appearance enforcement, everything looks almost too perfect. However I certainly would not have a problem having Mormons as neighbours.

Mormon Church in Mountain View. You see the same thing in Glenwood and Hill Spring. The Mormons have a way with churches.

This is the view right across the highway from the church in Mountain View. The Rocky Mountains are off in the distance. This is a stellar view.

Mormon Temple in Cardston. This is impressive and hard to capture in a photo due to its size. Cardston has a population of less than four thousand people and this is far larger than anything in town. I am not Mormon but I have to admit this catches your attention.


  1. Amazing that they would build such a huge church. It must have seemed out of place on the prairie.

  2. Their churches look just the same here in California

  3. It's called a temple and it is closed to the public. Only a few select people that are Mormon are allowed inside. The church is at the end of the block. I went through the town back in 1988 and talked to a couple of people there and they told me the only temple open is the main one in Salt Lake.