Tuesday 29 September 2015

A few images of Gadsby, Alberta

Taken September 5, 2015.

You can tell that there used to be more here. The brick building would have been part of a "downtown" area. The brick building is what remains. There must have been a standard set of brick building plans as I have seen this exact same style in three other small prairie towns.  

Nothing on the church saying when it was built or even if it is still used. There are some houses and people do live here. Not many though. The school is boarded up.


  1. Looks like that lone brick building may have been a school. Such a sad little town....

  2. That red brick building rocks! I love it.

  3. I spent my childhood summers in Gadsby. Thanks for the pictures, brought back many memories.

  4. The Brick buildings were once all Bank of Montreal rural branches. When the Bank finally decided to consolidate all the rural branches were closed. Most became part of the credit union system as communities took money out of Bank of Montreal for the closures

    1. Thanks for commenting. It does look like a bank building. I appreciate the information.

  5. I lived in Gadsby during my childhood. I wonder what has happened to my old house now

  6. Gadsby, Alberta - Birthplace of silent film star Barbara Kent (1907-2011).