Friday 4 September 2015

Hand Hills United Church Part Two

Just down the road a few miles from where the original site of the Hand Hills United Church is marked you will find the original Hand Hills United Church at the Hand Hills Stampede Grounds. Across the field from the church is a rodeo grounds with a grandstand and a fairly recent community centre in the middle of nowhere. There are no houses nearby. Signs on the gravel road advertise the Hand Hills Stampede which occurred on May 29-31, 2015. Out of curiosity I may have to go next year.

The church is locked. No services are advertised. I could find no reason why they moved it.

This was interesting to see. It is on the side of the church and points out the history of the area. This area must have had a decent population to support seven schools and fourteen churches. Of course some of them did not last too long, only existing for a few years. I only looked at a few places on the map in person, it had rained heavily the day before and Alberta gravel roads can be muddy. If I am going back it will be when everything has dried out.

Finding stuff like this really makes trips like this worthwhile. I am a guy that likes to get out and find some local history. These people went to a lot of effort to preserve history in their little part of Alberta and I really appreciate finding items like this.

Old pump near the church.

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  1. History is what shapes us. Good or bad, it should never be forgotten. Spent over an hour last night reading about that town. Thank you for posting it!