Friday 10 November 2017

Skybo School 1908 - 1957

A compact former one room school north of Stettler, Alberta. After it ceased being a school it was sold to a ladies club and was restored. I do not know if anyone is using it now.

Right beside the school is a little memorial put up for someone.

"In Memory of Wayne Dahl 1956 - 2006.

To the pathfinder, the marker of the trail
We who follow, will not fail
To stay the course, that you have set for us
Through act, advise or example
As the light fades, upon these last days
We will follow the path"

No idea if it is related to the school. Nice sentiment.

Definitely one of the smaller schools I have seen.


  1. That school looks just like the one my Dad attended. I don't think there were ever more than a dozen pupils and most of them were his siblings or cousins. Interesting little memorial next to the school.

  2. Another of my favourite schools.