Saturday 4 November 2017

It has been snowing and I miss summer

O'Shaughnessy Falls July 9, 2017 in Kananaskis Country along Highway 40 west of Calgary. This is right beside the highway. It was 30C and a welcome opportunity to cool off for a few minutes from riding the motorcycle. I filled a empty bottle with water from the falls, drank it, and refilled it. Something to be said for water from a waterfall. Great stuff. 


  1. In the winter you find a large number of Canadians who miss summer. They are down in Southern Calif, Arizona, Texas & Florida.
    (I'm guessing about FL, I've not made it down there in the winter yet, maybe this year)

    So you're not alone in missing summer...

  2. Yes, Florida. There is a radio station in the Melbourne area that has a daily Canada news program. I live in a boating area and the "Canadian Navy" is starting to arrive via the intercoastal waterway.

  3. The best tasting water I ever had came from one of those old fashioned hand pumps on my grandfather's farm. I'm thinking your waterfall water probably equals it. Nice pictures.