Saturday 25 November 2017

A walk in the mountains

I had to burn a couple of vacation days. I am not good at taking vacations since I do a lot of stuff on weekends. Usually I create a few four day weekends and take some short trips. I had taken November 23, 2017 off and decided it was time for a short hike.

Gotto Canyon is a well known spot not far from Canmore, Alberta. I hiked in with my brother-in-law about two to three kilometres. The path goes right into the canyon and eventually opens up into a wider space. On the plus side I found out that I am in better shape that I thought. To be fair that is not saying much.

Look up.

A couple of sheets of ice.

The rock walls are a popular climbing spot. There are lots of hooks embedding in the rock. This is about as narrow as it gets.

Just beyond the last spot I found the rock stackers have struck again.