Sunday 12 November 2017

A truly miscellaneous post

I take and delete a number of photos. Some are duplicates, some turn out to be lousy. Then there are the ones I hang onto. Most get organized into some kind of system. Some of those I forget why I am hanging onto them. Others I thought might make some kind of post. Of course there are always the ones when you look through your photos and you do not remember taking them or why. These ones I really do not know what to do with them if anything. So they are getting dumped in a random photo post.

I liked the stark look of this windmill. I gave up trying to do anything more with the photo.

I liked the sign. I could not get a good enough photo of the church to get more of a post.

I used to have a dog. I found the sign amusing.

A solitary photo of a truck near Trout Lake, BC on private property. I would have like to get more angles. Only so much you can do from the road.

Rural Alberta cemetery. The sign was the most picturesque part.


  1. All interesting, sometimes we see things we missed on the first pass.

  2. Interesting assortment of photos.

  3. A potpourri of pictures... love the windmill and the truck!

  4. If it kills me, I'm hitting up Trout Lake in 2018. There's so much history there up in the hills. Love what you do!