Wednesday 22 November 2017

Cymric, Saskatchewan November 11, 2017

On Highway 20 between Duval and Govan, Saskatchewan. There used to be a little more here. All there is now is an old general store. I did a quick stop because this is an old general store and you rarely see these anymore. I wanted to go in but the windows looked like there were garbage bags taped over them on the inside. There were lights on inside and no open/closed sign. I think there was life inside since lights were on. It was Remembrance Day so they might have been closed. It might have also not operate as a business and it might only be a residence. I know years ago it was common for people that owned and operated a general store to live in the back. 

I did not knock because I did not want to disturb anyone. I really wanted to see the inside. I may have to do a return trip.


  1. That's a sketchy lookin store. I do like that wire art cat thingy.

  2. I know of a similar place about an hour's drive out into the hills that's still being used. In the summer time, the front porch is often filled with old men and a few "trainees" chewing the fat and watching the traffic.