Monday 20 November 2017

Abandoned Saskatchewan

I had been wanting to visit this place ever since I stumbled across it on Google Maps. I drove a ridiculous amount on November 12, 2017 to get here. This place is north of Francis, Saskatchewan and is an abandoned Lutheran Church. There is a small cemetery in the back.

There are quite a few abandoned churches in Saskatchewan. There seems to be more Lutheran ones. I am not sure if there are more abandoned Lutheran ones as opposed to other denominations or it just seems that way. I have seen them turned into residences, storage, and a few times squatters have taken over abandoned churches. Personally I would like to see them restored or let them fade away.

There is a sign on the front saying it operated from 1926 - 1960. The entry and openings are secured by metal screens. There is little around for miles. This place looks and feels lonely out in the snow in the middle of nowhere. It is a great looking old church that I hope stands for years to come.

There is sort of a side story to this photo. I have posted this on a couple of forums. A person that I know who is a professional photographer loved it and wanted to know what I am using for a camera as well as the settings. The truth is, which I told him, I really do not know anything about that stuff. I just take the camera along to record where I have been. I suppose I should learn how to actually use it sometime.


  1. A nice set of photos. Love the symmetry of the old church.

  2. I've been photographing churches all around Saskatchewan, and this one is on my list for this summer. Roughly, how far north of Francis is it and which road? The number 35? Thank you!

    1. Email me directly. My address is on the side.