Friday 24 November 2017

Go Bender

Friday November 10, 2017 I had to be in Edmonton, Alberta for a personal matter. My employer was giving everyone the day off the following Monday for Remembrance Day which fell on the Saturday. After my meeting I had three days to come up with something to occupy my time. Other people may come up with a constructive use of their time. I do things like drive to Bender, Saskatchewan to take a photo of an abandoned grain elevator. It was a ridiculous distance to drive. On the plus side I can take Bender off my list.

There is nothing in Bender except this elevator and an old schoolhouse. Someone cut a garage sized door into the school, installed a garage door, and turned it into a garage. I could not bring myself to take a photo of the school and post it. 

The rail tracks by the elevator were torn up years ago.


  1. If I knew anything about Futurama, I'd make a Bender joke, but I don't, so.. nice elevator. :)

  2. My story is a lot like yours, only more interesting, cause it involves robots. -Bender