Sunday 21 May 2017

Ugly tree

Near St. Francis, Alberta May 13, 2017. It will look better with some leaves. It has kind of a tactical ugliness to it, it makes it look like you to want to take it home to take care of it. 


  1. Spring comes late to the north... I saw spring moving north once & I'm not talking about that place where the bugs start hitting your windshield.

    I was in the Coast Guard flying out of Chicago. One spring we were doing a survey of the Great Lakes shore line, I was on a flight doing the west shore of Lake Michigan.
    Somewhere up in Wisconsin you could actually see "Spring"! Looking to the west as far as you could see it was green to the south, then a band of gray, half mile wide maybe? Then the ground was white.
    A band of Green-Grey-White all the way to the horizon, it was "spring" moving north...

    1. I can relate. Victoria Day Weekend is the unofficial start to the summer season here. Greenery is starting to hit the land.

  2. That tree looks like it couldn't decide which way to grow, so it just went in all directions. Definitely could use some tender loving care.