Wednesday 10 May 2017

The ugly side of blogging

There are times when you find out some unfortunate truths about people. My Edmonton Oilers have wandered through the hockey wilderness missing the playoffs over ten years in a row. I have patiently stuck by them awaiting their return to the promised land. This year they are in the second round of the playoffs and face Game Seven tonight against the Anaheim Ducks. This is a do or die game. I want he Oilers to go all the way and win the Stanley Cup.

I am saddened to find out that Jenn at is a Calgary Flames fan and will never like my beloved Oilers. This is serious. Especially in Alberta. Once you think you start to know someone . . . 


  1. Bwhahaha..I have yet to say anything negative about their playoff run, and I won't stoop to that level. I just can't cheer for them. Ever. EVER.

  2. I am also a full on Flames fan but I have to cheer on the Oilers, now we have two Canadian Teams still in this game. The ultimate game would be Oilers/Sens in the Stanley Cup final.

  3. Aren't you a little too deep in enemy territory to be a fan of The Mighty Oil, BW? Are you flying an Oilers flag off your scoot?

    The boys at The Pig Shop have their pimped and jacked up company 4x4 set up with a four foot oilers flag flapping off a flag pole mounted on the trailer hitch. It's awesome. 😊

    1. This is indeed enemy territory when it comes to hockey. I have never put any decoration on any vehicle I have owned. Not my thing.

  4. Since my Jets didn't make the playoffs, despite a good run at the end, I'm just cheering for any Canadian team.