Monday, 29 May 2017

Abandoned Alberta May 20, 2017

St. Georges Ukrainian Catholic Church established 1914 near Derwent, Alberta. 

Bell tower and church.

This is what is left of the bell tower.

You can see what is left of the onion dome on top of the church.

The interior is in much better shape than I expected. The altar is in the background.

This is what remains of the altar. The pews were likely removed long ago. This was once an important place. Sad to see it fade away.


  1. Great pictures, BW. Gives a clear picture of what the church is now and what it was then.

  2. Love this BW, I have added it to the top of my list!

  3. A Ukrainian church in Canada from before the Russian political changes & before the 1st great war...
    I wonder about the story behind the people who made the long move, who built the church and who moved on leaving it behind.

    1. I forgot to thank you, this was a good one!

  4. If only it could tell it's story...

  5. This is some great abandoned Alberta.