Monday 22 May 2017

St. Anthony north of Etzikom, Alberta May 6, 2017

Built in 1911, closed in 1991. Someone stole the cross from the top of the church a few years ago. It is boarded up and there is no access to the inside. It is one of those simple straightforward churches typical of rural areas. I hope it gracefully fades away over time.


  1. Nice post. The church design is quite unusual; the bell tower/steeple looks much like a small grain elevator.

  2. Great place, once I still hope to see someday!

  3. So much history for my family at this little church. My parents were married there, I have numerous relatives buried there including a brother and just this past year, my uncle. I was baptized there as well as two of my brothers. It is such a perfect example of a small church on the prairie.