Wednesday 10 May 2017

Nemiskam School 1916 to 1941

Nemiskam, Alberta has been population challenged for years. There are a few buildings left and a couple of those are falling into ruin. This was the school. No one put up any marker to note the significance of this building. At some time in the past it looks like it was turned into a granary. Stopped here May 6, 2017.

One of the doors in back was open. I took a peek inside. A short flight of steps went to the main level. I declined stepping inside and going further as it did not look safe.


  1. When we moved here in 1986, there was an old abandoned school house down by the river. It was a one room school house. Then about six years ago, the county decided to demolish it. But there was a huge outcry when the story ran in our county paper. Ever mindful of elections coming up, the County Commissioner had the county move the school house to a hill top, and now it is where people in our part of this county vote. They fixed it up really nice.

    1. Good to hear. Post a photo of it sometime.

    2. I like that story, glad it got saved and even fixed up!

  2. Population challenged...not a ghost town! lol
    Must have been a great looking school.

  3. A nice looking building.