Wednesday 24 May 2017

There are days . . .

Last August I was in Medicine Hat, Alberta heading out on a motorcycle trip when my Iphone 5c slipped out of my hand and hit the table when I was getting breakfast at McDonald's. I happen to like breakfast at McDonald's. Of course it had to hit the table with just enough force to crack the screen. It was a Saturday on a long weekend and I had to wait for two hours for stores to open. No such luck getting it fixed so I got a replacement Iphone 6. When I got back I replaced the screen on the 5c and left it in a drawer.

A few days ago my Iphone 6 decided it was schizophrenic and locked me out. When it would accept my passcode it would torture me further my activing and closing random apps. I managed to do a quick update and thought I fixed the problem. I woke up this morning, grabbed my phone to check the time, turned it on, and confirmed that I woke up way too early. Aboout three hours early. My phone then decided to dial my mother on its own. Of all the people it could have dialed it just had to be my mother who is slightly paranoid and convinced the worst is going to happen at any time. I just knew she would  think the sky is falling if she got a phone call at a weird hour. I frantically tried to unlock it so I could hang up before it started ringing through. No such luck. I managed to kill the power after two rings and I did not hear her answer it. Safe!

Not so safe. About an hour later after multiple resets I got in and noticed that my mother left me a voicemail right after that call and was concerned if everything was all right. Mom does not have call display so she must have dialed the code that tells you the last number that called. I managed to call her and convince her there was no emergency. At least I think I managed to convince her there was no crisis.

During my lunch I decided I had enough. I dug out the Iphone 5c and reactivated it. The Iphone 6 has been placed on hiatus for now. I am one of those who never backs up my phone (mainly since so few people call me and I cannot be bothered) and I gained some contacts since last August. Not to mention that I usually check my email through my phone. Trying to remember your passwords to set up everything again, especially since I changed a few passwords a few months ago, is a bit of a chore. Thankfully I have some of this written down. I just need to finish resurrecting everything. I am sure I missed a few calls or emails in the interim.

There are worse things that could happen.


  1. Life was more simple when the telephone was a wooden box hanging on the wall with a crank handle on one side and the earpiece on a wire on the other side. There was the party line to contend with, but it didn't lock you out, nor did it dial your mother in the wee hours of the morning. :)

    1. Indeed. The only game I have on my phone is Scrabble and I had to delete that days ago as it was acting up. I really only use it for phone calls and some photos.