Monday 15 May 2017

St. Mark's Church

Originally a Presbyterian Church, then an Anglican Church. Started in 1895, finished in 1896, restored in 1990. This is just a little north of Brisco, British Columbia and barely off Highway 95. If you do not look carefully you will miss it. The trail off the highway is down a small hill and up a slope. In the summer this church would be totally obscured by the trees.

Wonderful spot.

"John E Rush Born Sept 4, 1879 Died June 28, 1902
Farewell Kind Heart Till We Meet In Heaven"


  1. Wow! What a wonderful old church. It looks like it belongs right where it is - in the Canadian forest.

  2. Where did the congregation come from? Were there houses nearby?

  3. Fantastic! Rural churches, especially those that are rustic as this one is, are a favourite. Keep up these wonderful wanderings.

  4. Excellent! Great photos and find, amazing little church.