Tuesday 9 May 2017

Stuff happens . . .

During the past month the weather here has been cold with some snow. The snow has gone and it only recently started to warm up. Last Thursday I woke up to beautiful sun and warm temperatures. I put my helmet on, hopped on the motorcycle, turned the key, and the bike would not start. I tried to charge the battery Thursday night and could not get enough juice to get it going. I would have left the charger on overnight however my ride is parked on the street and I did not want anyone to steal the charger.

I was starting to think I needed a new battery. I got my local bike shop (there is only one here) to pick it up Friday afternoon. They hooked their charger up to it overnight and ran some tests the next day. It turns out the only problem was the battery was dead. Very dead. By the time they informed me on Saturday it was too late for me to pick up the motorcycle. They are closed Sunday and Monday. So I missed some great weather Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Today I picked it up. The weather is cool and overcast. I got off relatively cheap for their service. I paid the bill, put the helmet on, turned the key, and it started like nothing was ever wrong. I pointed the bike towards the parking lot exit and it started to rain before I got to the street. If nothing else I have beer in the fridge.


  1. How disappointing to lose a nice weekend... glad there was beer... hope the weather improves for this weekend.

  2. Now that's a drag...but now you're ready for this coming weekend.

  3. After all, tomorrow is another day.

  4. Time for a Kilt Lifter beer! Here's to better days.

  5. I had to buy two new batteries for my truck a year ago. Cost me $200 +. Your story ended on a happy note!

    1. So far it has. My local bike shop did a bit of overkill with testing everything. I would rather have them make sure everything works than not bother.