Tuesday 15 December 2015

Stuff I would like and I really do not need

A lot of small towns in Alberta will usually have some kind of antique store. This one was in Calmar, Alberta and I happened to drop in on November 28, 2015. If I have the time and the mood strikes I will drop into places like this for no reason in particular. There were a number of various reproductions and some new stuff as well as some genuine antiques. This thing really caught my eye, an old coffee grinder. It was in excellent condition too. They wanted over four thousand for it. I really do not need it and I have no room for it. It is just one of those dumb things that I would like to have. You just do not see stuff like this anymore. I really like the look of this.


  1. Wow! Four thousand and it might just be worth it. Incredible hunk of iron, I bet it weighs a lot.

  2. Oh, well - it wouldn't fit on your bike anyway....
    Makes me laugh when I go into an antique store and they are selling items that I still use!

  3. I have no room for it anyway.