Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Roadside stuff

Highway 570, east of Highway 36. November 15, 2015.

Also, happy birthday mom! She knows of this site, has no internet, and I doubt she even remembers the name of this page. I bought her an Ipad over a year ago. She loves it. I did end up giving up trying to teach her how to use the internet. Ergo I do not even try to explain this site. I load up some photos for her on occasion on her Ipad. She likely wonders why I never appear in any of them. Simple reason, I can never find one I like. Being the good son that I am I will visit and look after whatever needs my attention at her condo.

As an aside, I am not unsocial. Some of my road trips do include a travel companion. People that come with me know about this site, I do not post their photos or their information. I feel that they do not want themselves on the internet.

Other than my mother only three of my family members know about this site. I never felt the need to tell anyone. 


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom! She should be proud of the fine man she raised.
    When I went to Texas many moons ago, I was startled by the size of those Longhorn cattle!
    No one, and I mean not even one, in my family reads my blog. Including Hubby. :o)